Kamee Abrahamian

interdisciplinary arts, storytelling & production


episodic series (in development)
In a near future where state-sanctioned violence has nearly wiped out an entire generation of resistors and elders, a solitary botanist becomes obsessed with decoding unusual frequencies from a newly sprouted plant in their greenhouse in the hopes of discovering its connection with the survivance of their own family and ancestors. Ensouled is an intergenerational narrative that weaves magical realism and speculative fiction with histories of resistance movements and SWANA  culture. Hackers, healers, and cultural workers have formed an underground movement to resist totalitarian erasure of ancestral practices and memory. As part of this storyworld, Ensouled foregrounds the survival of communities that are most often underrepresented in mainstream media and visions into the futures of those who have survived and thrived since time immemorial. 


graphic memoir and participatory media arts anthology
The Portals storyworld is based on a series of creative non-fiction prose written during the first five years of becoming a parent called, “Queer Motherhood is Speculative Fiction,” which was published in Mizna magazine (21.2) and received a Pushcart nomination. The story follows a first-person narrator as a multiverse portal rips through her body during labour, giving her the ability to glimpse into other versions of her life.

Flesh Immemorial

augmented reality monuments/installations
A project in the undoing of absence and super(im)position of queer/feminist Armenian icons onto their home-landscapes of origin. It will install colossal AR monuments in locations from which they descend but may not have access to. Since 2020, Azerbaijani and Turkish dictatorships have unleashed a large-scale offensive against Nagorno-Karabakh and its indigenous Armenian population, and now an invasion of Armenia proper. Many felt the echoes of the Armenian Genocide, with large portions of our homelands lost, thousands buried and displaced. Accordingly, Flesh Immemorial will creatively restore the relationships of indigenous Armenians with their ancestral landscapes by leaning into the complexities of indigeneity, belonging, and self-determination. We will form a constellation of imprints that generate ancestral healing, diasporic futurism, and creative reclamation. This is especially poignant work for SWANA peoples, who continue to live through displacement, intergenerational trauma, and genocide. 

Symptom Error

short film, with Oolik Productions
Embodying the dreams and poetics of a post-Soviet generation, two young Armenian women share their feminist, liberatory politics with the world through their music.

Our Ancestors Made It All So

Contemporary cultural fiction picture book for 4-8 year olds
A young Armenian child, who lives with their mother and grandmother, melodically flows through reflections on home, ancestry, and place while the whole family prepares food and decorations for their birthday party.


producer, writer, director, actor
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Art & Design

mixed media, paint, photo, graphic design
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Theatre & Installation

producer, writer, director, performer
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collectives, curation, anthologies
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