Art & Design

mixed media, paint, photo, graphic design

Mixed Media




35mm | medium format | digital


Kaleiderie mixed media:

Emerge-arts emerging artists exhibit: NYC (2011-2013)
Monocle Order Pop-up Gallery: NYC (2011)
Abrahamian Art Centre: Yerevan (2011-2013)

Minutiae mixed media:

Kolaj Artist Trading Cards: distributed in print (2014)
Viva La Muxer Festival: Los Angeles (2015)
Lips of Pride: Yerevan (2016)
#THEGALLERYPROJECT by Transnational Queer Underground: Estonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Germany (2017-2018)
Talk to me in Parsley and Tambourines: NYC (2018)

Lovelinest photography:

Ryan Ao Gallery: Portland (2015)
Pokhantsum (փոխանցում) paintings:
Roadmaps by Honey Pump Gallery x Artesson: AGBU, Armenia (2018)

Herstories of Divine Love mixed media:

The Many Faces of Armenians: Roslin Art Gallery, Los Angeles (2018)
Fragile by Artesson: Union of Cinematographers of Armenia, Armenia (2018)
oh motHER: Spilt Milk Gallery, Edinburgh UK (2018)
Feminist Art Conference: OCAD, Toronto (2020)

Monument to the Autonomous Republic of Artsakh” and #RecognizeArtsakh street art campaign: 2020-2021
co-creator, with @kooyrigs, Nancy Baker Cahill, Mashinka Firunts Hakopian, and Nelli Sargsyan