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A three part illustrated prose collaboration exploring queer motherhood through science fiction, horror, and fantasy genres. Written by Kamee Abrahamian and illustrated by Krys Melnyk.


cover art & layout design by Mahban

DYADS is a collaborative storytelling and art project that gathers SWANA women and queers. It was born out of a desire to reclaim and share silenced and untold narratives from our collective familial ancestries. Within each dyad, one shares an ancestral story they understand as queer and/or feminist, and the other interprets/responds through artwork. Story and artwork will live in a book, side-by-side and in relationship.

The coming together of this collective of artists, storytellers, and participatory researchers centers both a love ethic and methodology of refusal, as the collectivity itself is a refusal to allow the politics of borders and heteropatriarchy of the nation-state to dictate our relationships and bond-building. Illuminating collective ancestral narratives makes space for shared emergence inside fragmented experiences of history, self, and community. It also (re)situates participants inside a lineage long denied of many SWANA queers/feminists.



This book is a result of collaboration between myself and phenomenal Armenian illustrator @anahitoferebuni. We came together to build on a long line of contemporary and herstorical Armenian feminists, writers, philosophers, journalists, poets, educators, and artists. We put this together because as feminists and Armenians living in the diaspora, we often find ourselves searching (digging) and yearning (desperately) to hear/feel the voices of women in our ancestry and community – not only when our struggles become un- bearable, but also when we want to celebrate ourselves, our powers, our making-of-the-impossible-possible. This book is proof that we are possible, that we have always been possible.


Kalik (գալիք) – As in, Forthcoming. Next. The soon-to-come. Near Future.
We arrive at artmaking as generative and transformative mediums for expressing urgent truths, recalling ancestral stories and teachings, while simultaneously visioning future worlds that centre healing, justice, and love. Through Kalik we will create and produce original and participatory interdisciplinary art, performances, films, digital media, literature, events, gatherings and workshops, working with and alongside many artists, creatives, and advocates for the kinds of worlds and communities we know are possible and that we are actively building.

Kalik comes from the collaborative partnership between Kamee Abrahamian and lee williams boudakian. We are interdisciplinary artists, producers, and facilitators invested in storytelling that integrates our ancestral & cultural herstories, grapples with our current worlds & visions into futures that centre the lives and stories of those of us currently living on the fringe & in the margins.

Hye-Phen Mag

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The Hye-Phen was founded in 2014 as an online magazine and global collective to connect queer-minded Armenian artists, scholars, writers, and amplify our under-spoken stories, issues, ideas, and visions of the future.